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3d Scan or 2d As-built?

By Mauricio Vanegas posted August 29, 2018

Often our clients ask the question, "should we get a full 3d scan for my building or a CAD as-built?"; In most cases the answer is, how much are you willing to spend and how long do you have?, a 3d scan could be an expensive, time consuming process that may require to shut down areas of your building while the whole process is completed, wait for the CAD drawing process afterward and still, you are receiving an interpretation of the building based on a dense point cloud, from which the designer start creating a 3d model. Even that this method is highly more sophisticated than a CAD As-built and applications are endless, it will take weeks before the final drawing could be delivered to you, and in the end, you will be receiving a 2d floor plan. Now imagine your project requires a multi-site program including hundreds or thousands of locations nationwide. 

A CAD As-built only requires a digital laser tape, which is a laser pointing device transferring information to a tablet computer, drafting your floor plans on the go.

The process is almost seamless to the occupant of the building, without disruptions, and the results are completed on-site, allowing corrections and avoiding re-visits. You can even get access to the floor plans immediately.

You will receive the same results for a fraction of the time, and a fraction of the price.

Unless you are trying to document a historical building or your building require an in-deep detail, the 2D As-built is the practical way to go.

Leica announces the BLK3D, Photogrammetry for dummies

Leica, one of the largest companies on 3d Scanning and point laser devices have decided to simplify the process of taking measurements on site, the new BLK3D is simply the easiest handheld photogrammetry device available.