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Laser and Floor plans

Measuring services

Our services include as-built surveys, as measured, BOMA area analysis, ADA Compliance assessments, Existing Conditions.
Based on your needs our service could go from a simple building layout to a full set of drawings including electrical and mechanical elements, elevations, sections, Reflecting Ceiling Plans, Roof Plans, Fire and Evac, MEP, Fixture plans,  CAD or Revit Ready. 

DJI Mavic Pro

Aerial  Photograpy and Photogrammetry

By using the latest drone technology and aerial photography, you would be able to convert any site into a 3D model, CAD and Revit ready.

Aerial Photography, photogrammetry, 360° Panoramas, Roof Inspections, Roof Reports including slopes, roof square footage, and current condition. 

Night view of the city

360° Virtual Tour

Connect directly your existing floor plans in PDF, to a 360° Sphere and browse the space from your office. 

A virtual Walk-through will help you understand your needs and existing conditions.

Please visit our virtual tour

3D Laser Scanning

Getting accurate measurements on site is always important when you are documenting a building.  
Laser Scanning will capture the three dimensional information of the building, once the point cloud data is consolidated, traditional deliverables, 2d plans, cross sections, elevations can be extracted.